Thursday, May 4, 2017

Whoever lived here had a favorite color...and it was purple.

1. Magenta mutant tree/shrub
It's a nice change to not actually be trespassing to take photos during the spring. The prior year at this time we had just went into contract but I couldn't wait to see what was growing back here. One time I ran into the agent who was at the home getting it ready for closing. I told him I was just taking measurements for a new fence!

Now it's mine all mine and obviously someone else's before me and apparently they loved purple and magenta. I never realized how much of this color was present until living here while it's all happening and the loads of perennials are coming back. There is so much growth in the yard and that works out great because I'm a big believer of using what you have and adding a little of your own. Why change? Instead I add to it and use what you got! Just transplant at the right time and the right way. If you're new at it and get a little haphazard with the transport and it wilts give it a boost with some good plant food and plenty of water. Water daily for the first week!

Magenta mutant tree/shrub closeup bud
The purple flowering plants with the exception of the forsythias are the first to bloom this season and its been a very indigo show. I actually have a board on Pinterest titled Indigo for my color inspirations in that deep rich but velvety tone. That's how I see purple. It's such a powerful color for nature. It gives your yard that surreal feel. The only thing that could make me happier is to find out some of it was planted by the original owner. It must have been because I have shrub that is the size of a large tree. I have no idea what it is and thats why I am creating this post. For those who read this if you could name the flowering plants in the picture that would be awesome.

Blue-purple cone shaped flowers.
4. Lilacs
4. Hyacinths caption